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The Magic of Making Up

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T.W. Jackson shares in The Magic of Making Up that a broken and ended relationship can actually be pieced back together again! Those whom this book was intended for are everyday people who were in a relationship that just plain didn’t work out and are going through an emotional state. Broken relationships are not pretty; but in The Magic of Making Up, a four step plan is laid out for those of you who want to know How To Get Back Your Ex and win.

Author of The Magic of Making Up

T.W. Jackson, with his easy writing, lays out a plan thoroughly to help readers in their decision making. Each step is written in an easy order that anyone even in their panicked state will be able to go through it clearly. The The Magic of Making Up ebook is an eye-opener for many people. It just isn’t about learning strategies, but also learning more about oneself which is a key to any healthy relationship.

Hundreds of people and even in over 70 countries can attest that this book helped them in their decision making. Jackson’s goal is for this book to guide you so that you can write your own getting back together story.

This eight chapter book is sprinkled with quotes along the way which can serve as motivation and reminders. The book is 62 pages long and can be divided in four parts which we’ll discuss here so that you can get a general idea of what this book provides in order to decide whether this is the self-help book that may just be the answer to your prayers.

• Stage 1: Understanding

Chapter 1 captivates readers automatically. It explains that relationships end or struggle for a reason. Readers will be engaged in understanding what a man or woman is really trying to say in a relationship. Sometimes we blame it on cheating, low esteem issues, or being overly protection among others. Understanding why we do what we do will help us determine the REAL reasons why the relationship ended. For example, cheating may just be the end result of not being able to spend real time together. When the real reasons for a broken relationship are understood, then we get a better picture of where we should start and The Magic of Making Up has already begun. The chapters under this segment will also give you insight on how your ex might perceive you.

• Stage 2: Manage Emotions

Depression, guilt, loneliness and more are emotions that someone faces on a daily basis after a break up. Sad but true, many of us run to our ex’s in that state; and they just look at us as we simply are: A MESS which is definitely not the answer on How To Get Back Your Ex. Get insight on some disturbing actions and pitfalls that we get ourselves into just because we can’t control our emotions. It’s not the end of the world! Let’s not get that in the way of us bettering ourselves in order to put our best foot forward the next time we approach our ex’s or to move on with our lives. You’ll be asked questions to assess the value of a relationship before the next step. More tips on how to give yourself a break as well are laid out. Learn how exercise and going out with friends can be a life saver. Determine also the environments and times during the day that depression may hit you most and what you can do with it. Fast forward techniques from The Magic of Making Up can teach you how to determine whether to let your emotions go. How To Get Your Ex Back will then take you to the next step of Assessment.

• Stage 3: Assess

You’ll be asked questions to assess the value of a relationship before the next step. Questions deserving answers hit you in the face for you both to lay out the positives and negatives. The Instant Reconnect Technique lets you sit down together with your loved one, see the issues that are and could be possibly crippling your relationship, and decide whether picking up the relationship again is that important and valuable in our lives. A Clean State Method is one of the most important things that can change the relationship around because you and your partner focus on the power of forgiveness.

• Stage 4: Work The Plan

You’ve done stages 1-3, and the chapters in this stage encourage you to take action! You learned How To Get Back Your Ex now learn how to keep and maintain your relationship; learn the importance of keeping the honeymoon phase alive every day.  Chapter 8 will be of interest to those who have realized that sometimes it is time to let go your ex. The chapter discusses how to “move on with grace” like taking care of yourself and putting yourself out there for another open relationship.

After having read this The Magic of Making Up Review, it is up to you to decide whether to give up some pennies in exchange for a chance to be enlightened on how to win your ex back. In between these pages are other techniques and advice on how to love and take care of oneself. T.W. Jackson’s The Magic of Making Up will bring you up to speed on How To Get Your Ex Back. There is still a chance to win the love and affection of your ex—even if they are already with someone else! Moreover, it shares more about the dating world which is really important especially for those who have been out of the “dating game” for a bit. This self-help book was published in 2007. Thousands of relationships all over the world have been saved because of this book thanks to T.W. Jackson. Others have shared that it is not just for people who have broken up, but it is for anyone in any relationship because of the strategies and tips on how to keep the love alive and burning. There is claim that The Magic of Making Up has a success rate of more than 95%.

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